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1 on 1 football sessions

So you're maybe asking "What is 1 on 1 football coaching?"


1 on 1 football coaching vastly improves three sides of football which are the physical, mental and the technical sides. I will work with your son or daughter to provide in depth professional coaching that they wouldn't receive when working in groups. When training in groups, players only touch the ball roughly 50+ touches per training. But with our 1 on 1 football training the player will get a minimum of 250+ touches on the ball!


The key part for young football players is to improve and develop the repetition of a technique and then develop that technique into a skill. But a lot of young players are missing out on this vital repetition time as they are not aware of this and neither are the parent's or they are too busy indoors distracted by tech devices. That's when our 1 on 1 football sessions come in to help and take your child to the next level in their football ability!


Below are the 1 on 1 football package options to book from.

Can't commit to our 1 on 1 football sessions?

If you can't financially commit to these sessions or live too far away to commit then we have the PERFECT solution!

Our personal online football training app is a fantastic way to get all benefits of our 1 on 1 football sessions but via an online app!

Your child will still be connected to head coach Jordan so they will be getting all the value of a professional coach!

Its very affordable at a price of $47 per month which is under $2 per day!


Click here now for your child to TRANSFORM into a HIGH QUALITY player within 30 days!

To book up 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 football sessions
please email below

For more info or to book please email

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